The God of Entropy

To most, Entropy is considered the most evil of the Five. Certain, more pragmatic scholars, however, profess that Entropy is the most balanced and neutral of the Five. In short, a sort of “necessary evil”. It is associated with and encompasses only one thing, destruction. Entropy constantly seeks to destroy all that which the other four create.

Some scholars associate the element of Ether with Entropy, however there are many scholars who call Ether’s status as an element into question, as it behaves rather differently than the other four elements. Many scholars also state that such a force of destruction should not be associated with any element. Entropy is also not associated with any of the modern schools of magic.

Very few people chooses to become clerics of Entropy, but those that do pick domains that allow them to bring about death and destruction, with the War and Death domains being the most popular. More peaceful domains, such as Life or Knowledge are completely unheard of among Entropy clerics.

Entropy is in opposition to all of the other four, as it seeks to destroy their works.

The God of Entropy

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