The God of Matter

Matter’s structured nature causes it to be the most lawful of the Five. Matter is associated with stability, preservation, and stasis. It encompasses all things with a tangible, physical form.

The element of Earth is most commonly associated with Matter, being the most rigid and unchanging of the elements. In the modern magical structure, Matter is associated with the schools of Conjuration, which can call Matter into existence, and Abjuration, which is best able to preserve and protect Matter’s form.

Clerics of Matter often prefer to take the Life domain, as it helps to preserve the life of those around them. Some, however, choose to take the War domain so that they may fight to protect whatever it is that they deem worthy of defending.

Matter dominates Thought by forcing it to be logical, opposes Time’s attempts to change things, and is subject to Energy’s introduction of chaos. Earth chokes air and is in turn burned by fire.

The God of Matter

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