The God of Thought

Thought tends to be more lawful than chaotic. Thought is associated with logic, understanding, and categorization. It encompasses the minds of every thinking being, as well as the general order and logical structure of the cosmos.

The element of Air is most commonly associated with Thought, being similarly invisible and seemingly intangible. Within the modern magical structure, Thought is associated with the schools of Divination, which allows one to gain the knowledge and understanding they desire, and Enchantment, which allows one to alter the minds of others.

Clerics of Thought most often take the Knowledge domain, for obvious reasons. The Arcana domain, focusing on the knowledge and understanding of magic in general, in the next most popular. The Storm domain, with its connection to the Air element, and the Trickery domain, with its ability to affect the thoughts of others, are also not unheard of, but the popularity of these domains amongst Energy clerics tends to make them less appealing to clerics of Thought.

Thought dominates Time by enforcing free will, opposes Energy’s chaos, and is subject to Matter’s restriction. Wind dries water and is in turn blocked by earth.

The God of Thought

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