The God of Time

Time’s connection to change causes it to be more chaotic than lawful. Time is associated with steady change and the natural evolution of all things. It encompasses all that flows and changes.

The element of Water is most commonly associated with Time, as it constantly flows along its set path in much the same way that Time does. Within the modern magical structure, Time is associated with the schools of Transmutation, which embodies change, and Necromancy, which is linked to the inevitable transition between life and death.

Clerics of Time most often take either the domain of Nature, which constantly changes according to Time’s laws, or Death, which shares Time’s connection to Necromancy and also represents the natural cycle and decay of things. Ironically, the domain of Life is also not unusual among Time clerics, since life is just as much a part of the cycle as death. The Knowledge domain, though more commonly associated with Thought, is sometimes also taken by Time clerics who wish to better understand the flow of time, in particular these clerics often seek knowledge of both the future and the past.

Time dominates Energy’s chaos by organising its change, opposes Matter’s stability, and is subject to Thought’s imposition of free will. Water quenches fire and is in turn dried by wind

The God of Time

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